Email Sent 11/19/2022 by President Stephen Meuler - Update

At the Board meeting this week, the budget for 2023 was approved. Beginning in January the monthly dues will be:
     Villa - $351
     Club - $372
     Exec - $387

Frontier - Cable/Internet
Our current contract with Frontier expires at the end of the year. January will be the transition month. All homeowners will need to contact Frontier in January (we will provide contact information prior to the end of the year) to set up an appointment for them to install the new equipment needed. The HOA will be billed the new rate starting in February. If you are currently paying an additional amount to Frontier for faster internet speed you will be able to drop that extra expense.

Social Committee
We are in need of volunteers to join our Social Committee and someone to Chair the committee. Joyce Cekander has chaired this committee for the past few years and is resigning from that position. Many thanks to Joyce for all that she has done. If you are interested in chairing this committee or just helping with it please let one of the Board members know.

Work Requests Sentry Management
If you have a work order request to be submitted to the HOA (for landscaping or other services) please email the request to Cherie at Sentry Management. Do not contact LMP directly. Cherie's email address is:

Stump Grinding
LMP is planning to begin the needed stump grinding in Willowbend the week after Thanksgiving

I hope that all of you have a wonderful, safe and healthy Thanksgiving!

Stephen Meuler
President Willowbend HOA

Email Sent 11/14/2022 by President Stephen Meuler - Reminder!

This is a reminder for all homeowners. A Willowbend Board meeting will be held this Thursday at 1:30 p.m. at Our Savior Lutheran Church. This is the meeting for the Board to consider and vote on the HOA Budget for 2023. You all should have received a copy of the proposed budget via mail. As always, all homeowners are welcome to attend the meeting. We will listen to all homeowner comments but keep in mind that the Board alone votes on the Budget.

I would also like to remind everyone of another issue that has been brought to my attention. Any non-residents of Willowbend should only be using our recreational facilities when accompanied by a resident. Do not ever give your gate entry fob to someone not residing in our neighborhood for them to use our rec center without you. Thanks for your cooperation!

Stephen Meuler
President Willowbend HOA

Email Sent 11/7/2022 by President Stephen Meuler - Update


You should have received the mailing from Sentry with the proposed budget for 2023. Attached you will find a corrected copy. There is a small change which does not affect the monthly assessments. A summary of the changes:

  • the proposed assessments would give us a total income of $1,198,260 as opposed to the $1,198,018 as shown in your mailing
  • addition of $242 to the Contingency/Special Projects account for a total in that account of $30,242 as opposed to $30,000 This was done to balance out with the income numbers
  • this then give us a Total Operating of $1,133,705

This was entirely my error as I did not transfer the latest document to Sentry for the mailing. I apologize for any confusion that this has caused.

Stephen Meuler
President Willowbend HOA

Email Sent 10/28/2022 by President Stephen Meuler - Update

Well, we are now a month out from Hurricane Ian. The year continues to fly by and the holidays are upon us.

LMP's cleanup work continues with work now primarily being done on the loose branches in the large trees. They will be starting the stump grinding and removal soon. All stumps will be removed from the common areas. Per my previous email, if you requested LMP to do the stump removal on your property they have been given your address on their work order. There is still time to be added to their list if you would like them to do the work. Please let me know by email.

As part of their normal work cycle, LMP will begin fertilization of the lawns and shrubs this next week.

We still don't have a set date for repairs to the street lights from Nostalgic Lighting. They are aware of the scope of the work needed and have ordered the necessary repair parts.

Sentry has put out bid requests for the repairs needed to the aluminum fence along Habitat. As yet we have not found a contractor with time available. Sentry will stay on top of this.

We also need repairs to one corner of the wall outside of the Luminary entrance. This is a very small job for a contractor and will likely have to wait.

I sincerely appreciate everyone's patience during this past month.

Stephen Meuler
President Willowbend HOA

Email Sent 10/21/2022 by President Stephen Meuler - Update

I wanted to provide everyone with an update on several issues.

Hurricane Recovery
LMP has finished with the majority of their cleanup. What is remaining is not deemed to be urgent and thus will take some time - and patience from our homeowners. Their crew is back doing the regular weekly work and they have several other communities that they service that still require much more cleanup. They need to direct some of their additional manpower to those communities. We have a few uprooted trees remaining that still need to be removed. Many trees have large broken limbs that are hanging in the trees. These will be removed. We also have some areas behind homes that require some debris removal.

Stump Grinding
LMP will be doing the stump grinding as needed in all common areas of the community. Stump grinding on homeowner's property will be the responsibility of the homeowner. Obviously each homeowner is free to hire any contractor to do this work. LMP will grind the stumps for $50-$75 per stump plus a $45 per hour charge for clean up of debris associated with the grinding.

Be extremely cautious if you choose to hire a contractor other than LMP for stump grinding on your property. Utilities need to be marked off prior to any grinding work. Also, many of these stumps have irrigation lines wrapped around them which will need to be removed and capped or re-routed. if you wish to have LMP do this work on your property please let me know.

Rec Center
Our long time cleaning person at the rec center is out with a serious medical condition. In the meantime we will have another cleaner but this may present a problem with trash removal from the area. I would ask all who use any of the amenities at the rec center to please take all of your trash with you when you leave. This will help us out until we can resolve the trash collection issue.

Frontier - Cable/Internet Contract
Our current cable/internet contract expires at the end of this year. The Board has approved a new contract with Frontier. We will have some upgrades to our current service. Internet speed with be increased to 1G with each home supplied with two high speed wireless routers. For the video package we will have the Prime package and each home supplied with one HD DVR and one HD Playback Box. This will operate two separate TV's.

Next Board Meeting
Our next Board meeting will be Thursday, November 17th at 1:30 p.m. at Our Savior Lutheran Church. This will be the meeting to approve the Budget for 2023. A copy of the proposed budget will be mailed to each homeowner prior to the meeting.

Stephen Meuler
President Willowbend HOA


Click the link to see the Agenda for the 10/20/2022 Willowbend Board of Directors Meeting

The President's Corner

Please go to the President's Corner to see other emails sent out by our President recently.


At the reconvened annual meeting of the Willowbend Community Association held on April 21, 2022, Stephen Meuler, Paul McClain and John Santiago were elected to the Board of Directors. On April 25, 2022, the Board met to elect officers.  The 2022-2023 Board members and their positions are as follows:

Stephen Meuler, President
Joe Trentacoste, Vice President
Scott Brundrett, Treasurer
Paul McClain, Secretary
John Santiago, Director at Large


The Board adopted the 2022 Budget and the Reserve Schedule on November 18, 2021. You can view the adopted Budget on the secure pages for homeowners on this web site.

To reach the adopted budget on the Willowbend Web site, you need to remember your user name and password and sign in. If you do not remember either one, you can call Marshall Hestenes at (941) 918-8150 or e-mail him at and he will remind you of your user name and give you a new password. Once you have logged-in, at the bottom of the list of links on the left hand side, you will see a link called "Budget". Click on it, and you will go to the Willowbend Community Association Budget page, which will contain links to the 2022 Budget and the 2022 Reserve Schedule documents. Also, about two weeks after the end of the month, an Income and Expenses summary is posted that shows actual income and expenses through the end of that month and how they compare with the budgeted amounts in each category.


LMP will meet residents with landscape issues at the Gazebo every week on Wednesday, 10:00 am to 10:30 am.


After a hiatus of many years, in early June, 2021, publication of the Willowbend newsletter, Around the Bend, resumed. On the left menu, click the Around the Bend link to get to the page containing links to the newsletters published since that date.


Click the link to see the June, 2022 newsletter from the Nokomis Fire Department.


Click the link to see the September, 2022 newsletter from LMP.


Residents are reminded that according to flag etiquette, the custom is to display the U. S. flag only from sunrise to sunset on flagstaffs in the open, but it may be displayed at night - if illuminated - to produce a patriotic effect.


The fitness center is now open, but use of it is strictly at your own risk, and you must follow the Guidelines and Restrictions for Use of this Facility


Sentry Management has provided instructions for Access to The CommunityPro Portal and a Sentry Website Tutorial . Owners will need their 16-digit account number to register on the Web portal. This number will be provided to everyone on their payment coupons. However, they are also more than welcome to contact Sentry’s Customer Service number (800-932-6636 ext 42500) or the local office number (941-361-1222) and speak to the operator and Sentry will gladly provide you with your account number.


At the December, 2017 Board meeting, the Board approved a new 5-year contract with Frontier for internet and cable TV. If you have any problems with your Frontier internet or cable TV service or if you are a new owner in Willowbend and want to set up internet and cable TV service, the number to call is 1-844-660-0648 from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Roof Cleaning

At the June 18, 2015 Board meeting, after reviewing a report compiled by an ad hoc committee of residents, the Board adopted a revised policy on roof cleaning. The key provision requires that residents have their roof cleaned at least once every three years. For a complete version of the new policy and links to the committee report, click on the title of this item.

Alligator Removal Policy

Willowbend Community Association has been issued Nuisance Alligator Permit #295402 from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. It establishes the 147 acres of Willowbend as a state Targeted Harvest area (THA), with specific procedures and instructions. Click on the link to see the details.

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  • A home page. The body of the home page will contain info a small number of articles of current interest. Click on the title to see the whole article. On the right side is a list of upcoming Board & committee meetings and social events.
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