Email Sent 5/18/20 by President Janet Kaplan - UPDATES


A few more updates:

1. A group of young ladies from Rivendell (they admitted it) attempted to gain access to our pool yesterday. Thanks to a very vigilant homeowner who did not fall for the I left my key home excuse, they were told to go home. Please, if anyone asks you to let them into the pool area, tell them to go home and get the fob. The use of the pool is for our residents only and especially during this time, we do not want outsiders using our facilities. If it is a worker needing access, please contact Cherie at Sentry for permission. The Board wishes to keep the pool open for your enjoyment but we may be forced to close again if outsiders are being let in.

2. Exercise Room- the conditions under which we can re-open make it impossible for us to comply. We do not have staff that can monitor safe distancing and crowd control let alone sanitizing the equipment before and after use. Therefore, the exercise room will remain closed until further notice by decision of the Board.

3. Thank you to all the homeowners who are removing yard waste and putting it at the curb. Small amounts of waste need to be placed in paper yard waste bags available at garden centers instead of plastic bags. The recycle center will not take it in those types of bags.

4. PLEASE, put your trash out on collection day in trash cans and not plastic bags placed at the curb. The raccoons and other animals love to tear them apart and spread trash in the street. Appreciate your cooperation.

5. The correct e-mail address for Cherie is Her phone number is 941-361-1222 ext 51007

As stated in the previous e-mail, we wish everyone to remain safe and healthy during this difficult time.

Email Sent 5/15/20 by President Janet Kaplan - UPDATES


Trimming: Yes, LMP has gotten behind in the monthly pruning cycle. COVID-19 caused them to put in place a hiring freeze and they were operating with only one crew. They have lifted the freeze and will be hiring extra help. In the meantime, they have moved a crew from another job and will be working here until they are caught up. The Board and LMP appreciates your cooperation and understanding. Everyone is doing the best they can to cope with the current situation.

Mowing: Weekly mowing has resumed. Edging is being done as follows, per our contract, every week for the hard edges (sidewalks and driveways) and every other week for the mulch beds, front and back.

SOD REPLACEMENT PROJECT: Yes, we are moving forward. By way of background, this project was started last summer with very poor results. The quality of the sod was poor and did not survive so the project was put on hold. In the meantime, Artistree resigned and LMP was hired delaying the project further. Following the advice of the sod contractor and LMP, late Spring, early Summer is the best time to do sod. As such, sod replacement has been scheduled to start the week of May 18th and will continue until completion. LMP and their sod contractor has done a complete inventory of our property twice and we are following their guidelines for what needs to be replaced and what needs to be treated. The lawns needing replacing, full or partial, will be removed and treated before the new sod goes down. LMP will set the irrigation in accordance with the county guidelines for new sod. The Board recognizes this is long overdue and appreciates once again your cooperation and understanding. It is a major undertaking and expense and we want to get the best possible result.

MULCH: We recognize the need to replenish the mulch. Mulch was done late last fall and was done much lighter than in the past. Many homes were overloaded with pine bark mulch and many were sparse. As is usual with mulch, it becomes washed out in rain storms and raked up with the pruning clean up. We are deviating from our usual fall full mulch schedule in recognition of many of your complaints of not getting proper mulching. We are working out the details with LMP for both the pine bark in the front and back of the homes and the cypress mulch between the houses. But rest assured, we are going forward with the project even though this means we subsequently won’t be able to do a full mulch in the fall.

LMP will be trimming the palm fronds that are blocking or overhanging the sidewalks.

Landscaping issues and questions: Just a reminder that individual homeowner requests, complaints, issues, etc. should be directed to for handling and reporting to LMP. Please do not confront or ask the crew for special treatment directly. Not only does this slow down the work, but also deprives Sentry from having a record of the issue for future reference if problems arise or follow up for completion. Please be sure to include your address with your e-mail.

Once these projects are completed we will be reviewing the budget and what has been spent to address any other projects for 2020.

Basketball/Pickleball court: The contractor had to delay the start date of this project but should begin in the next few weeks barring any further delays. We committed to this project prior to COVID-19 and we will be moving forward. The court surface is deteriorating more and more and needs to be done.

The county has completed the repair and replacement of the sidewalks.

The fitness center/gym remains closed until it is deemed advisable to re-open.

The Board and the committees have been working very hard to function the best we can under these unusual circumstances. Thank you for your support and understanding. Stay healthy and stay safe.

Email Sent 5/6/20 by President Janet Kaplan - POOL


Effective tomorrow 5/7/2020, the pool will be re-opened under the following conditions:

1. Use is strictly on an AT YOUR OWN RISK BASIS.
2. Please continue to follow current CDC guidelines with respect to social distancing and crowd size.
3. We are not providing sanitizing materials for any of the surfaces. That will be strictly up to those using the pool, bathrooms and pool area. Again, use at your own risk
4. Galaxy is continuing to monitor the chemicals and clean the pool on the normal schedule. As before, they have requested that when they are there, please vacate the area.
5. The area will continue to be cleaned and please stay at a distance.
In both cases, Galaxy and Jan Pro, if you are asked to leave temporarily, please comply.
6. The hours of operation remain unchanged- 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Please vacate before 10:00 PM as we do get reports when people are in the area after hours.
7. If at any time you do not feel comfortable entering or using the area, use your own best judgement.

The State of Florida is not currently allowing Gyms to be open and as such the fitness room will remain CLOSED until the State has given a date for re-opening. Your fob will not operate the door. We apologize for the inconvenience but will let you know when it is re-opened.

The Board appreciates your cooperation and understanding during this difficult and trying time. It has been very stressful for us trying to balance homeowner requests and State and Local government mandates.

The health, welfare and safety of all our Willowbend friends and neighbors is of utmost importance.

The Board of Directors

Email Sent 4/7/20 by President Janet Kaplan - LMP Request

Hope this finds you all well and are continuing to stay safe.

There has been an increase in the number of walkers and bikers in the morning hours.

LMP has requested on Wednesday only (mowing day) that everyone limit walking/biking to before 7:30 AM until after 12:00 Noon. This is for the protection of YOU. The mowers shoot out grass and on occasion other debris such as stones etc. They are concerned that someone may get hurt from this. So please, walk at a different time, avoid the area where they are mowing and at the very least stay well away from the mowers and the personnel.

Also, thank you for everyone's cooperation in not using the facilities. A few reports of people in excess of 10 at the gazebo have been reported and kids playing basketball. Just today, we picked up multiple beer cans, water bottles and energy drink bottles from the basketball/gazebo area. We feel these may be outsiders so please do not hesitate to report it so we can take corrective action.

Again, all stay well and pray for our caregivers and first responders as well and the very difficult task they have in keeping us all safe.

The Board


Click the link to see the May, 2020 newsletter from the Nokomis Fire Department.


US 41 from Blackburn Point Road to Preymore Street: Construction project: Crews are resurfacing the roadway, replacing the US 41 northbound bridge over North Creek, improving drainage, constructing sidewalk and installing new highway lighting. Expect nighttime/overnight northbound lane closures from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. and nighttime/overnight southbound lane closures from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 a.m. A traffic shift is tentatively scheduled to be implemented on MARCH 3, 2020. Northbound traffic will shift to one of the southbound lanes, reducing traffic to one lane each direction. Once implemented, the traffic shift is expected to be in place for approximately eight months while crews reconstruct the northbound bridge over North Creek. Bergeron Land Development, Inc. is the contractor. Expected completion is spring 2021.

AGENDA for the 2/20/20 BOARD MEETING

Click the link to see the agenda for the 2/20/20 Board Meeting


The Board adopted the 2020 Budget and the Reserve Schedule on November 21, 2019. You can view the adopted Budget on the secure pages for homeowners on this web site.

To reach the adopted budget on the Willowbend Web site, you need to remember your user name and password and sign in. If you do not remember either one, you can call Marshall Hestenes at (941) 918-8150 or e-mail him at and he will remind you of your user name and give you a new password. Once you have logged-in, at the bottom of the list of links on the left hand side, you will see a link called "Budget". Click on it, and you will go to the Willowbend Community Association Budget page, which will contain links to the 2020 Budget and the 2020 Reserve Schedule documents. Also, about two weeks after the end of the month, an Income and Expenses summary is posted that shows actual income and expenses through the end of that month and how they compare with the budgeted amounts in each category.

The President's Corner - May 24, 2019

President Janet Kaplan has posted a message giving a recap of what has been done recently and what will be going on in the coming weeks.

Please go to the President's Corner to see the entire president's message.


At the reconvened annual meeting of the Willowbend Community Association held on April 24, 2019, George Dellos and Janet Kaplan were elected to 2-year positions on the Board of Directors, and John Santiago was elected to a 1-year position. Immediately after the annual meeting, the Board met to elect officers. The 2019-2020 Board members and their positions are:

Janet Kaplan, President
George Dellos, Vice President
Stephen Meuler, Treasurer
Nancy Buscher, Secretary
John Santiago, Director at Large

The Board would like to thank everyone who participated and/or voted in this years election. The more active our community residents are the better our community becomes.


The Grounds Committee announces that they are restarting gazebo meetings for homeowners with landscaping issues. Meetings will take place on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., starting April 17, 2019.


Payment coupons and welcome information were mailed the week of June 4, 2018. Sentry Management has provided instructions for Access to The CommunityPro Portal and a Sentry Website Tutorial . Owners will need their 16-digit account number to register on the Web portal. This number will be provided to everyone on their payment coupons. However, they are also more than welcome to contact Sentry’s Customer Service number (800-932-6636 ext 42500) or the local office number (941-361-1222) and speak to the operator and Sentry will gladly provide you with your account number.


At the December, 2017 Board meeting, the Board approved a new 5-year contract with Frontier for internet and cable TV. If you have any problems with your Frontier internet or cable TV service, the number to call is 1-844-660-0648 from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Roof Cleaning

At the June 18, 2015 Board meeting, after reviewing a report compiled by an ad hoc committee of residents, the Board adopted a revised policy on roof cleaning. The key provision requires that residents have their roof cleaned at least once every three years. For a complete version of the new policy and links to the committee report, click on the title of this item.

Alligator Removal Policy

Willowbend Community Association has been issued Nuisance Alligator Permit #295402 from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. It establishes the 147 acres of Willowbend as a state Targeted Harvest area (THA), with specific procedures and instructions. Click on the link to see the details.

Welcome to the Willowbend Community Web Site

Among the features are:

  • A home page. The body of the home page will contain info a small number of articles of current interest. Click on the title to see the whole article. On the right side is a list of upcoming Board & committee meetings and social events.
  • An events calendar.
  • Security so that only Willowbend residents and owners can see portions of the site.
  • Pages displayed in real time from a database, including the directory pages.

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