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What follows was prepared by Frank Monti and posted to Nextdoor – Willowbend:

As of Friday, April1, 2016, those of us using Verizon FIOS become customers of Frontier Communications. This means that we are purchasing FIOS from Frontier - it’s like purchasing a Dell computer from Best Buy instead of directly from Dell. Of course, the difference is that we did not have a choice in the matter. Our Willowbend subdivision is in the middle of a bulk purchase contract and Verizon sold us to Frontier. Verizon actually sold many (or all) of their customers in FL, California and Texas to Frontier. I understand that we are bound by this bulk purchase contract until December 2017.

So as of Friday, April 1, some of us have been experiencing some difficulties. Here is what I have learned so far.

VIDEO ON DEMAND (VOD): If you get a message that the service is "temporarily unavailable," and to try again later you should immediately reboot your set-top box to refresh the VOD service. Don't bother to "try again later." To reboot, unplug your set-top box, wait at least 10 seconds, and then plug it back in. Please note, a reboot can take up to 3 minutes as the system refreshes your settings. If you continue to experience any issues accessing VOD, please call Frontier Tech Support team at 1.877.600.1511 or visit - although I have not found their website useful. You can also try to contact Frontier customer service at 1.800.219.6877.

I tried to use VOD to see a show I missed on ABC and ABC was not available as a VOD network! I tried using the Watch ABC app ( but when I tried to register using my new Frontier username and password (from registering on the Frontier website as a new customer) it did not work. My hope is that this will work soon.

DIFFERENT CHANNEL NUMBERS - Some channels may have changed: Frontier claims that there will be only minor changes to your FiOS TV channel lineup. So if you have your favorite show scheduled to record automatically each week or each evening, check first to see if it is still coming to you on the same channel.

Here is where you will find the Frontier User Guide to service in Florida. Copy and paste this into your browser and you will be able to download a PDF User Guide.

CHANNEL GUIDE: Here is the channel guide that Frontier indicates is for us in Florida: Copy and paste this into your browser and you will be able to download a PDF Channel Guide.

E-MAIL: In regard to e-mail, I must confess that I did not use Verizon e-mail (i.e. I do not have an e-mail address) so I do not have first-hand experience with this. But here is what Frontier says: You can keep the email address you have now, but only if you take required action. Verizon has arranged for transitioning customers in Florida to keep your email address for as long as you wish—along with your saved messages, file attachments, folders, contacts and calendars—by moving email account to AOL Mail. But you needed to go to to activate your new AOL Mail account by March 31, 2016. If you failed to do that, go to "AOL mail for Verizon customers". Copy this into your browser to get there:

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the Verizon change to AOL:

INTERNET: According to Frontier, we are supposed to have our same internet speed as we did prior to the April 1 change over. You can check your internet speed at Today my speed was 38 MPs upload and 17.5 MPs download. This is slower than my previous internet speeds, but to be fair, it has always fluctuated from day-to-day.

Frank Monti


Earlier this year, at a 4/20/14 Workshop held at Spanish Point, Willowbend residents learned the details of a zoning change request to build the development, known as The Palms at Casey Key. The Palms is to be a development adjacent to the south side of The Cottages off Old Venice Road north of Willowbend. Willowbend residents immediately organized. One hundred seventy-five Willowbend residents signed a petition to oppose that zoning change. Details of our concerns were expressed to Brian Lichterman of Vision Planning and Design, and the Sarasota Planning Board representative. The zoning change requested would have given developers a blank check to build too many houses of undesignated type with the potential raising of the water levels in Willowbend’s northern preserve area.

Subsequently, a revised proposal was filed, demonstrating what this community can achieve through organization and cooperation. On October 14, Mr. Lichterman and Heath Johnson, the engineer, met with representatives of Willowbend. We were informed that the zoning change request for the 9.77 acres has been revised as follows:

Previous Revised
Zoning Classification RDF-4 RSF-2
Units per acre 5.5 3.5
Total units to be built 50 + 31
Type of unit to be built Undesignated Single Family

Willowbend has a RSF-3/ designation with 4.5 units per acre. Notice that in the revised proposal, the 31 units have been designated as single-family dwellings, which are compatible with the existing homes in both Rivendell and Willowbend, in the price range of approximately $350,000. Existing County requirements provide assurance that the water management system and retention pond provision will accommodate the 100-year high-water expectation, so there will be no impact on the water level in the preserve area adjoining Thornapple Drive in Willowbend.

We have concluded that Vision Planning has been responsive to the concerns expressed and that they have modified their proposal significantly from its original scope.

While we continue to believe that this area is saturated with homes and that the addition of the Palms at Casey Key will further strain ‘quality of life’ resources, the modifications made to the proposal do satisfy our objections and therefore, based on consultation with the Willowbend Board of Directors, our petition to oppose the RSF-2 zoning change will not be filed. If there are any changes to this current proposal as communicated to us, we would again oppose the proposed zoning change.There will be a Planning Board hearing in November with a December final decision date.

Tony Nacinovich
October 15, 2014

Fall Landscaping

As the year starts to come to a close it is the opinion of the Board and the majority of the Willowbend residents that Artistree’s crews have greatly improved the appearance of our community. We thank Mark, his trim crew and the support staff of Artistree for their continued efforts in managing our green space.

Fall Tree trimming

It is tree trimming time and with the help of Artistree’s arborist and tree trimming crew all large trees are being evaluated. These large trees (over 12 feet in height) will be thinned out or limbed up according to what is healthy for the tree and not aesthetics. This will be the first time in ten years that our trees will be evaluated by an arborist. Residents with concerns for any trees on their property should notify Lighthouse Property Management, Artistree or meet with Mark from Artistree on Wednesday’s from 9:30 to 10:30

We have had a sudden outburst of cinch bug and fungus damage to some sod areas of Willowbend. After treatment of these areas, Artistree will be replacing the damaged sod at their expense.

Mulching of the Community

On Oct 6Th we will start the mulching of Willowbend. Sun State will be putting down a new type of recycled mulch between the homes starting at the south end of Crane Prairie Way. The new type of recycled mulch is shredded finer and is a darker color than what we have used in the past. We have already installed this recycled mulch between 518 and 522 Luminary Blvd. Pine Straw mulch will remain available should a homeowner requests its usage. The homeowner will pay the difference in cost between the recycled mulch and the pine straw mulch.

Recap of mulch placement program is as follows:

  • Step 1-Recycled mulch will be placed at the sides of all residences
  • Step 2-Recycled mulch in all common areas (less visible areas)
  • Step 3-Pine Bark mulch will be placed in the front and back of residences.
  • Step 4-Pine Bark mulch in all common areas. (Higher visibility areas)

Dutch Leonard, President


In August, 2014, the following letter was received from the Nokomis Volunteer Fire Department:

Dear residents of Willowbend

In early September of this year the Nokomis Volunteer Fire Department will be mailing out the annual fire protection dues notice in your area. Fire dues are critical to our day to day operations and vital in our mission to protect and serve the residences of Willowbend!

It has come to our attention that many of our residences do not receive their annual fire protection dues notice from the postal service. If you do not receive a notice by October 1, 2014 you were unintentionally missed and we apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact Nokomis Fire Department at 941-488-8855 for a dues notice or simply send your annual $85.00 fire protection dues with your name and property address to 111 Pavonia Road, Nokomis FL 34275.

The Nokomis Volunteer Fire Department has been the responding fire department in your area since 1949 and has done so by the continued support of the residence. We are not funded by property tax or a government agency.

Did you know?

  • NVFD responded to 1687emergencies during 2013 and is expected to be higher in 2014.
  • Nokomis Fire Department is a not for profit 501c 4 corporation.
  • Fire dues and donations are deductible under section 170c(1) of the IRS tax code.
  • Fire dues are less than what you would pay in other areas of Sarasota County for fire protection.
  • There is no cost to you for our services if annual fire protection dues is paid, all others will be invoiced for expenses incurred relating to the emergency.

Thank you for your support!

Nokomis Fire Board of Commissioners


June 26, 2014

This is a reminder to all Willowbend Residents to Drive safely, observe the 25 mph. speed limit and come to a FULL STOP at all stops signs. The Habitat/Thornapple stop sign is particularly dangerous because of the pedestrian traffic to and from the Pool. Another stop sign frequently ignored is the Luminary/Crane Prairie Way corner. Residents, please be aware of speeding around curves and corners, and of making our roads a race track. This is very dangerous, people are backing out of driveways, crossing the street to visit with a neighbor, and of course children are home from school walking and on bicycles.


The bigger culprits are Rivendell cut-throughs. The Board in previous years did have some success with Tony Nacinovich working with the Sheriffs Dept. We ask residents to record license tag numbers and a description of the car, call Tony at 870-3342 or e-mail Dottie Stehl, Tony will pass them on to the Sheriff’s Office.

Now that school is out, the speeding-through may not be at the same obvious hours, but with Willowbenders eyes and ears on alert, you may help keep speeders at bay. The Board will approach Rivendell to join us in this campaign to make our streets safer for all.

Efforts are being made to get the county to re-paint our stop lines and crosswalk lines. They are badly faded after twelve years.

Thank you for doing your part to keep Willowbend a safe place to live.

Willowbend Board of Directors


May 13, 2014

Willowbend Residents:

We are fast approaching that time of year when residents are planning celebrations for graduations, end-of-year parties, wedding receptions, family gatherings, etc. If you are hosting a group of 8 or more people, you can reserve the use of the Recreation Center for your party.

You need to call Lighthouse Property Mgmt. at 966-6844, ask if the date and time you have chosen is available, fill out a Reservation form with the required $100 deposit and you have the reservation confirmed. Reservation forms are available on the Web site, click on "Online Forms" and Recreation Center Reservation Form, fill it out and turn into Lighthouse.

Keep in mind that the reservation includes the use of the kitchen area, both gas grills, covered deck area, and all tables and chairs except one table in the far Northeast corner of the deck. Willowbend residents still has access to the use the pool, spa, fitness Room and the basketball, Gazebo area.

There must be an Adult Resident present at all times. You are welcome to bring in lawn chairs, card tables, etc. and you are required to collect all garbage and take it out with you when you leave the premises. We have a vigorous population of roaming raccoons just waiting to get to any garbage left at the Center.

Please read the Reservation form carefully. Your reservation notice will be posted.

The Recreation Center is open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Enjoy the facilities at the Recreation Center and be respectful of your fellow Willowbenders.

Willowbend Board


May 16, 2014

Willowbend Residents:

There have been numerous questions and reports of issues regarding parking and Garage Door compliance within Willowbend. This email should serve as a friendly reminder to all Residents to be familiar with your Association Documents, specifically the Rules and Regulations Section 1.2.1 for parking and Section 1.2.2 for Garage Doors. You may also refer to the CC&R's, Section 111, Para. 3.03(o) as to exceptions to the parking rule.


Privately owned vehicles are to be garaged to the greatest extent possible so as to enhance community appearance. Due to safety considerations on our narrow community streets, vehicles shall NOT be parked in other than a driveway or designated parking area except for intermittent and brief periods of time or during occasional social gatherings. Overnight visitor parking shall only be permitted in the owner's driveway. Any overnight street parking is prohibited and subject to the jurisdiction of the Sheriff's Dept. Vehicles shall not park within two car lengths (or 30 feet) of mailboxes and shall not block access to driveways and sidewalks. Vehicles in disrepair or bearing no license plates shall be garaged only.

R&R's 1.2.2 which refers to Garage doors shall be closed when garage access is not in use.

The Board is requesting that you please be mindful that parking in front of your neighbor's home may be impeding their use of that space and encourage compliance to the rules within the Association Documents so to keep Willowbend a special community in which to live.

Willowbend Board of Directors


March 14, 2014

Over the last month or so, there have been a couple of document violations which indicates to the Board that all homeowners need to be reminded of a couple of the requirements or in the case of new homeowners, pointed out to them. The document requirements are:

Declaration of Restrictions 3.03(s): (No Lot owner shall) conduct a sale of personal property of any nature, whether advertised or unadvertised, commonly referred to as garage sales, estate sales, or charity sales that draw members of the public to the Subdivision.

This restriction is very clear, and should never happen. When a “sale” starts, it cannot be corrected, so a hearing notice needs to be issued immediately and will be. At the last sale occurrence by a homeowner, the Board member was told they couldn’t find it in the documents. For your future reference, it is at the top of page 9 of the Declaration and is the last item of 3.03 Community Association Restrictions. Please, if you have a question about a restriction contact Management (LPM) or a Board Member.

Rules and Regulations, 5.3 Reservations for Special/Private Events and 5.4 Facility Rules, 26 (Following are copies of the applicable R & R for your easy reference)

R & R 5.3 Reservations for Special/Private Events. Reservation requests may be submitted to the Property Manager to reserve, for exclusive use, the kitchen and adjoining covered picnic area, both gas grills, and all but one of the round tables surrounding the pool deck. A Recreational Center Reservation Request form available from the Property Manager’s office or at our website must be accompanied by a $100 deposit and is to be submitted at least seven (7) days prior to the event. The deposit is refunded if the requester/host fully complies with the responsibilities stipulated on the request form. Costs associated with the failure to do so will be charged to the resident or homeowner of record. An adult resident (not a teenager) must be in attendance at all times during the event. The “exclusive use” must not interfere with, or place limitations on others who are using the pool, spa, workout room or restrooms etc. A Notice of Reservation, provided by the Property Manager, will be posted on the Homeowner Activities bulletin board by the requester/host a minimum of 48 hours before the event.

5.4 Facility Rule 26

26. Selected areas of the Recreational Center may be reserved for a private event by submitting a request to the property manager. A “Recreational Center Reservation Request” form is available on the website or at the Property Manager’s office. A leaseholder or homeowner must apply and receive prior approval for any function with 8 or more nonresidents present and must be present during the entire function.

Recently, and in the past, there have been events held by older teenagers as well as adults, that have been held by that did not bother to reserve the pool area and follow many of the rules. Please note that Facility Rule 26, requires that “A leaseholder or homeowner MUST APPLY and RECEIVE APPROVAL for ANY function with 8 or more non-residents and MUST BE PRESENT during the ENTIRE function.” As the most recent event was a teenager event, a teenager is not the leaseholder or homeowner.

In addition, other commonsense Facility Rules were broken. In particular, Rule 15, Glass containers are prohibited from ALL recreation facilities was violated. Our cleaning service tells us there are glass containers in the trash can all most every week. Please, for everyone’s safety do not take glass containers into the rec center. Rule 10, Nothing is to be put in pool or spa water (no drinks, soap, shampoo, powder, liquid, etc. During the last teenage party, a review of our monitoring service’s recording of the occurrence, one could watch a party member walk into the spa with something in his hands and moments later soap bubbles were all around him. The bag that remained appeared to be from the restroom soap dispenser. It took two days and an extra expense to rid the soap from the spa. Another common problem with these events is that many do not take their debris and garbage with them as is stated on the Reservation Request.

The Board is trying to remind homeowners that the pool is not a place to hold an impromptu party for a bunch of your guests or teenagers without adult supervision. It is available for planned in advance special/private events with certain rules to be adhered to. Please note the exercise room, the pool, and spa are still available for use for other homeowners during the reserved time. Everyone needs to show respect to all homeowners and their guests.

You are also reminded that the Recreation Facility operating time is from 5am to 10 pm and the entire facility is closed from 10 pm to 5 am. In addition, the monitoring service is active 24/7 and all cameras are recorded and can be retrieved and copied for any span of time over the last month before they are gone. Also, during the down time, the facility is alarmed and manned to tell you to leave if you are inside the facility after hours with reports going to the Board and LPM.

The Board thanks you for taking the time to read this message and request you that you review the R and R’s as well as the other Documents when using the common areas and facilities and adhere to them.


On April 19, 2013, many of you received an E-mail from Tony Nacinovich informing you that effective immediately he ceased all Citizen's Patrols and Neighborhood Watch coordination and resigned as Patrol Captain. Tony has served our Community well and has done it impeccably following the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office for Citizen Patrol Program Rules & Regulations with the aide and guidance from the Sheriff's liaisons. The Board gives Tony a special thank you for being the volunteer to create and lead the program for Willowbend the past five years. The Board wants to also thank all those homeowners that volunteered to be part of the Citizen Patrol at Willowbend over those years. The Board members recognize and understand the benefits gained from the program. The program definitely discouraged crime, vandalism, and violence in our community. As individual homeowners, the Board members would like to see it continue. However, as a HOA Board, we have a fiduciary responsibility to the 275 members to conduct due diligence in all our decisions, especially when dealing with potentially large liability issues.

Yes, the Board had an influence on Tony's decision to resign and cease running the Citizen Patrol Program. However, the Board needs to inform the homeowners what was involved in making the decision to divorce the Association from the Citizen Patrol and neighborhood watch programs. First, since the Martin shooting in Sanford, Florida on February 26, 2012 by a neighborhood watchman, the Sheriff's Department shutdown the programs until further notice. In February this year, Tony made a request to the Board to have a sign-up table at the annual meeting and a time slot for the Sheriff's office to train all members there to be patrol members. The Sheriff 's office was ready to retrain all patrol members and start up the program again. The Board did not think the training session should be part of the annual meeting and limited it to the sign-up table. As the Martin case was still in the news, the Board decided we should seek legal counsel advice on how to limit our liability if the patrol did resume. In addition, we needed to check if our insurance covered the Citizen Patrol.

We received legal counsel advice via a letter dated February 27, 2013 and learned the first of March from our insurance agent that yes, any committee has liability coverage, but if they break the law, all bets are off. After the annual meeting, the new Board scheduled a Workshop for April 9. One of the agenda items was to review the legal counsel letter and determine our options for supporting the citizen patrol. On Saturday April 6, 2013, the newspaper included the news that the Martin family had reached a seven figure settlement with the HOA involved under a civil suit. On the same day we received an E-letter from a homeowner who had read the article and wondered where our HOA stood liability-wise and where he, as a member, stood if something similar would happen in Willowbend. The E-letter included several attached articles from the Internet concerning liability issues for HOA and Neighborhood Watch Programs.

Our attorney informed us that the National Neighborhood Watch Program was developed by the National Sheriffs' Association in 1972 and is funded in part by the US Department of Justice. The local law enforcement agencies (in our case, the Sarasota County Sheriffs' Office) creates the local program and provides guidance and training to the volunteer participants. The HOA does not need to be involved. Per the Sheriffs' training material, the volunteers are the "EYES and EARS" for the Sheriff. If a volunteer sees something suspicious, the volunteer calls 911. The volunteer is instructed not to investigate an event or attempt to apprehend a law breaker. No weapons of any kind are allowed while on patrol. Our attorney further indicated the level of involvement in the Neighborhood Watch Program by our Association, if any, is a decision for the Board. Any sanction or involvement needs to include consideration of potential liability.

The Board then had to evaluate what the potential liability could be for the Association and its members.

  • Although it may be 99.9% chance what happened at Sanford will not happen at Willowbend, it could happen in that .1%. Should that occur and we have sanctioned and indicated it is an Association Committee, we could see the same civil suit that the Sanford Florida HOA just saw. If the award is larger than our insurance coverage, then the HOA would have to impose a special assessment on all the homeowners to pay for the lawsuit. It may not take as serious of an occurrence as the Sanford death to exceed our insurance coverage either.
  • As our insurance agent has indicated, our insurance is like most insurance policies and excludes criminal activity from liability protection. Result is, if a HOA volunteer is convicted of a crime, the liability insurance will not cover any costs.
  • Our liability rates will stay the same. However, if we have a claim, it will be a sure bet our rates will increase substantially.
  • Will our insurance cover the liability if a volunteer has a car accident and does damage and/or is injured while on patrol? (needs to be checked)

Our attorney points out that a court might look to see if a HOA has a duty or the expectation to prevent criminal behavior and it can be held liable if it fails to do so. In this regard, Willowbend fairs well as:

  • Willowbend is not a gated community
  • Willowbend documents do not mention anywhere that the Association is responsible for security.
  • Willowbend does not pay for outside security services such as gate attendants or roving patrol.

If the Association wants to limit our possible liability, our attorney advised we take the following steps:

  • If some homeowners desire to restart a voluntary "Citizen Patrol and Neighborhood Watch Program" which is not organized or supervised by the Association, the Board should recommend they contact the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office for guidance and training.
  • If a group of volunteers do restart a Neighborhood Watch Program, make it known it is not sanctioned, organized, or supervised by the Board and is not a Board committee.
  • Remove any mention of the past volunteer group from the Willowbend web site and any other public documents that indicates they are a committee.

After digesting legal counsel's recommendations and considering the potential liability claims that could occur depending on the option the Board chooses to take, the Board followed our due diligence responsibilities to all 275 homeowners, and decided it is best to divorce the Association from the program. This is particularly the case when one realizes a Citizen Patrol and Neighborhood Watch under the Sheriff's Office Program is designed to be manned by volunteers that are not backed by any HOA, condo association or any other third party.

However, as Tony's resignation implies, with the Board taking the stand of non-support for liability concerns, he felt, as the volunteer leader of the group, the liability could fall on him. The Board does not know if that would be the case, but can understand and respect Tony's position. The Board did include another review of our first decision at the next Workshop on April 30, 2013, but could not find reasons to reverse our decision. The Board can say the articles we have read on the subject from different legal counsels did recommend that volunteers should have liability insurance that covers them when something happens on their own property or when they are acting on their own.

May 11, 2013


Home Security Basics

Nine out of ten household burglaries are preventable.

Think About It
Knowing about a burglar's three worst enemies — light, time and noise — can help you protect your home from crime. A burglar won't find your home an "easy mark" if he's forced to work in the light, if he has to take a lot of time breaking in, and if he can't work quietly.

"Case" Your Place
Take the time to "case" your house or apartment, just as a burglar would. Here are a few questions to get you started:

Where is the easiest entry? How can you make it more burglar resistant?

  • Trim trees and shrubs near your doors and windows. High fences and shrubbery can add to your privacy, but privacy is a burglar's asset.
  • Consider trading a little extra privacy for a bit of added security. Force any would-be burglar to confront a real enemy — light.
  • Exterior lights, mounted out of easy reach, can reduce the darkness a burglar finds comforting.
  • Currently 24 of your Willowbend neighbors do not have their front yard light illuminated. In addition to being required by the Rules and Regulations, illumination from that light may persuade the burglars to move on to another house. One of the unconfirmed break-ins on Crane Prairie currently does not have their front light on. If you know your neighbor does not have their light on, see if you can persuade them to do so.
  • Do you have a light shining on each of the entrances to your house? (front door, side garage door, sliders in back) Since our homes are so close together, discuss your plans with your neighbors so your lights are not a distraction when they are trying to sleep. The lights can be set up on motion detectors so they are not illuminated all night
  • Consider adding low voltage landscape lights. For $59 at Lowe's, you can buy a set of four light that further illuminate the perimeter of your home and the cost to operate is just pennies a day. (Be sure to turn in an ARC request form.)
  • If you are away use automatic timers to turn lights on and off in your living room and bedrooms at random times. Just one light going on and off at the same time in the same room may be a giveaway that you are gone. Be creative; use several timers.

How about noise?

  • Try to make the general prospect of robbing your home a noisy job. Noise is that important third enemy of the burglar.
  • Many types of alarm systems are available, with detectors to be mounted on doors and windows. Most of Willowbend alarms are mounted inside the homes. If all of your windows and doors are shut, it is likely that even your neighbors will not hear your alarm. Alarms can be mounted outside your home as well.
  • Consider connecting a timer to a radio.

What can you do to increase the time to break into your home?

How can you slow burglars down? Time is a burglar's enemy, too. A burglar delayed for four or five minutes is apt to give up and try for another, less difficult location. Simple security devices — including such ordinary equipment as nails, screws, padlocks, door and window locks, grates, bars and bolts — can discourage intruders and keep them from entering.

Consider Some Specifics
Reducing the risk of break-ins is simply a matter of making your home less inviting to burglars than other homes in the neighborhood. It's up to you.

  • A peephole or a wide-angle viewer in the door is safer for identifying visitors than a door chain.
  • Sliding glass doors present a special problem because they are easier to force open. The hurricane resistant PGT "Wind Guard" sliders that were available as an option from LW are heavier units that are more difficult to lift out. The glass in these units can only be cut with a diamond drill but they are constructed so it is more difficult to add auxiliary locks. You may be able to get extra locks installed by a locksmith. A broomstick in the door channel can help for a single slider, but don't depend on it for security and they do not work for triple or quadruple sliders. A hinged lock available from a locksmith can be installed at the bottom of a slider unit and will lock to sliders together. It takes two of these for a triple slider but they are recommended by the Sarasota Sheriff's dept. They also recommend an inverted "J" lock that secures the end sliders in the door opening. Both of these locks make it difficult if not impossible to lift out a slider. Ed Kulback, a WB resident, has had success in installing barrel bolts, which slide up and lock each panel into place. They are available from Wall Mart. If you are interested in the installation of this type of lock, contact Ed for hints. A small metal screw can be installed in the top of your slider tracks that will allow the slider to move, but prevents it from being lifted out of its track. With the installation of auxiliary locks your sliders can be made quite secure.
  • Locks. Deadbolt locks are best. For your double doors, be sure that the deadbolts are engaged at the top and the bottom of the door. You may even wish to install a heavier deadbolt for the door that you open most frequently. Srgt Neil Scully or the SSD suggest that residents install longer screws in the strike plates for a more secure lock.
  • Windows. Key locks are available for all types of windows.
  • Garage Doors. A number of Willowbend residents leave their garage doors open during the day. A break-in on Crane Prairie occurred during the day and leaving the garage door open invites them to your home. There is a sliding deadbolt on the interior of your door that you can use when you are away.
  • Are any of your valuables - such as a painting, a silver collection or an antique chair-easy to see from outside? Rearranging your furnishings might be advisable if it serves to make your homeless inviting to criminals! Incidentally, should you ever need to report a burglary or file an insurance claim, a household inventory - a listing of your furniture and major personal belongings - could be a valuable document.

Make the Extra Effort
Here are some "home security habits" to develop and practice:

  • Establish a routine to follow in making certain that doors and windows are locked and alarm systems are turned on
  • Avoid giving information to unidentified telephone callers, or announcing your personal plans in want ads or public notices (such as giving your address when advertising items for sale). Notify police if you see suspicious strangers in your area.
  • Handle your keys carefully. Don't carry house keys on a key ring bearing your home address or leave house keys with your car in a commercial parking lot. Don't hide your keys in "secret" places outside your home - burglars usually know where to look.
  • Remember special vacation tips. This is a clear giveaway that the owners are not home. When going on vacation, leave blinds open in their usual position. Have mail and packages picked up, forwarded or held by the post office. Lower the sound of your telephone bell so it can't be heard outside. Arrange to have your lawn mowed or your walk shoveled. Stop newspaper deliveries. Ask a friend to pick up "throwaway" newspapers and circulars. Use automatic timers to turn lights on and off in your living room and bedrooms at appropriate times. Consider connecting a radio to a timer. Tell police and dependable neighbors when you plan to be away and join with your neighbors to keep a close watch on what's happening in your area - working closely with them is a good way to prevent crime.

...And Remember This
Confronting a thief in your home is frightening. Follow this advice:

  • Run away if you can and call police.
  • Lock yourself in a room if you can't escape.

Cooperate and stay as calm as possible should you find yourself face-to-face with a burglar.

Thursday, February, 21, 2008

Willowbend Residents of All Ages are invited to a FREE Ice Cream Social on Sunday, March 9, 2008, from 2:00 - 4:00 PM at the Willowbend Recreational Center. This is brought to you by your Social Committee who will serve you a dish of ice cream onto which you may put toppings of your choice. There will be coffee and soda to drink while Irish music plays setting the background for neighborly fun. Come "Meet and Greet" your neighbors right in your own back yard! Questions??? Call Mimi Lindberg 966-2505 or write at