The President's Corner


Email Sent 4/9/2022 by President Scott Brundrett - WILLOWBEND SOCIAL APRIL 30, 2022 AT REC CENTER

(Scott forwarded the following message from Joyce Cekander, chair of the social committee.)

BYO DRINKS (use plastic please)
bring own chair if desired, tableware provided
rsvp to by April 22nd with residents names for badges

Email Sent 4/18/2022 by President Scott Brundrett - Willowbend Upcoming Election Reminder

Just a reminder, the reconvened Annual Members Meeting for the election of board members for the 3 open positions is going to be this Thursday 4/21/22 at 5:30 At Hotel Venezia 425 US 41 By-Pass N, Venice FL.

You will need to vote either at the meeting (you will be given a ballot) or by filling out your new proxy with your indication of which candidates you would vote for up to 3. You can have someone bring that proxy to the meeting for you, and a vote will be cast as you have indicated on the proxy.

It is vital that we have a good turnout for this election.

Thank You
The Board of Directors
Scott Brundrett

Email Sent 4/14/2022 by President Scott Brundrett - Willowbend Important Election Clarification

Important election clarifications:

Due to the many questions and comments that have been received, the Board would like to explain the election process to all homeowners.

There are two ways to vote in the upcoming election. If you plan to attend the meeting in person on 4/21/22 you will then be given a ballot to vote for up to three candidates for the 3 open positions on the board. No need to fill out a proxy.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, you can fill out the proxy form, with your name, address as indicated on the form and select general or limited proxy or both. You can select up to 3 candidates for the 3 open positions on the board. If more than 3 are selected the vote will not count. You can mail this proxy in or give it to an assigned proxy holder to bring to the meeting.

If you do not indicate your preference for 1 to 3 candidates on the proxy, you will forfeit your vote. Therefore, it is so important for you to return a new proxy with your candidate preference. The proxy from 3/17/22 did not allow for this indication of candidate preference.

Any ballot mailed in for the last meeting on 3/17/22 cannot be counted under the state statutes and bylaws as indicated by our attorney. You must vote again.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Cherie Colvin at Sentry Management.

The Board of Directors
Willowbend Community Association

Email Sent 3/14/2022 by President Scott Brundrett - Willowbend Association Important Election Notification

This is to inform the community that the Members Meeting for the annual election to be held on 3/17/22 will be convened, but the election will be delayed to a later date due to legal flaws in the meeting and election process found by the Association's attorney under the state statutes and governing documents.

The Board of Directors
Willowbend Association

Email Sent 3/6/2022 by President Scott Brundrett - Willowbend Community Crepe Myrtle Trimming

Willowbend Homeowners

Notice: Trimming of all Crepe Myrtle in the community.

LMP will begin trimming all Crepe Myrtles in the community beginning with the current trim cycle. All of them should be trimmed as this has not been done for years and it is best to keep them at a reasonable height.

Please note, If you do not want your crepe myrtle to be trimmed it will be necessary to send an email to Cherie so she can create a work order for LMP to skip trimming on your property.

Dutch Leonard Landscape Chairman
Scott Brundrett President


Email Sent 1/2/2022 by President Scott Brundrett - Willowbend Mulch Disribution

From the board of directors

Beginning on Jan 4 (Tuesday), the vendor will begin to distribute mulch to the side yards of each home. We ask that residents restrain from interrupting the work of the crew. The process will be monitored by the landscape committee, and all homes will receive the prescribed amount of mulch.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation on this project.

The Board

Email Sent 12/30/2021 by President Scott Brundrett - WB SOCIAL SATURDAY, 1/22/2022



(You may opt out of sharing table and BYO)

Paper goods and plastic ware provided.
You may bring your own chair to insure seating.
Attend at your own risk

r.s.v.p. to by 1/14/22

Email Sent 9/21/2021 by President Scott Brundrett - WB OKTOBERFEST OCTOBER 23




r.s.v.p. by October 16 to

r.s.v.p. to by October 17 if you wish to pre-order food items from the menu.

No guests, bring lawn chairs for the tables if you wish

Email Sent 9/13/2021 by President Scott Brundrett - Willowbend Board Upcoming Events


Two important dates upcoming:

September Board meeting: September 16 1:30 PM
Our Savior Lutheran Church, 2705 Tamiami Trail N Nokomis FL 34275

Pool building and Gazebo roofs will be cleaned 9/20/21
The pool area will be closed during this cleaning which should start first thing in the morning.

The Board

Email Sent 7/5/2021 by President Scott Brundrett - Tropical Storm Elsa

Hope all are prepared for the potential Tropical storm Elsa.

Sarasota County has a whole page of information to help prepare for what's coming. "Sarasota County Hurricane Preparedness" is the website to visit.

The Willowbend website also has information. On the left menu Phone Numbers and Links there is a section on Disaster Planning. On the left menu from the link Disaster and Emergency Information.

Everyone stay safe.

Remember to make sure all potential yard items which may become missiles with strong winds should be removed or secured so they don't cause damage to property.

Email Sent 4/16/2021 by President Scott Brundrett - The new board

Dear Neighbors,

As you are aware, a new Board has been seated for the Willowbend community. We intend to keep the community fully informed on a timely basis as had been the practice of Janet and the previous board.

First and foremost, we thank Janet, George, Steve, and Nancy for their commitment and great work over the past few years. The community is better and stronger as a result of their efforts. We wish them a happy and well-deserved retirement. John has decided to give further service to the community and provide needed continuity for the new board going forward and we are very appreciative of his help.

I want you to know that the new board is already hard at work coming up to speed on the issues facing our community and the best way to address them. Initially, our focus will be on the following:

    1. Landscape and Maintenance - it is our single largest expense and it is essential that we manage it aggressively and cost-effectively.

    2. Irrigation System - The proper maintenance of our system is vital to our community and is also highly regulated by the state of Florida with significant fines if we do not meet these compliance standards.

    3. The Management Company - A close partnership is important here and we will spare no effort to make certain that our community is properly served.

    4. Community Committee assignments - We have had some turnover here and we intend to have our various committees fully staffed shortly.

    5. Willowbend Community survey - It is extremely important that we have a clear understanding of this community's desires and expectations to fulfill our obligations as your elected board. To that end, we are developing a survey that will be e-mailed to each homeowner. The results of that survey will be shared with the entire community and will serve as a template of our strategic and tactical planning.

We will keep you fully apprised of our progress and planning as we move forward, In short, you will hear from us frequently !!

We look forward to facing the challenges ahead and serving this community to the best of our ability.

Scott Brundrett
President Willowbend Community Association.

Email Sent 3/31/2021 by President Scott Brundrett - Board Workshop

The Board will conduct a workshop for the purpose of establishing committees and to set the agenda for the next meeting April 15 at 1:30. Homeowners are encouraged to attend if they have an interest in serving on a committee. The workshop will be held April 5 at 1:00 PM at the pavilion.

Email Sent 3/30/2021 by President Scott Brundrett - Sod Care

To all homeowners who had sod replacement this past week;

We are not able to use the irrigation system to water new sod in unless at least half the lawn was replaced, which doesn’t apply to anyone’s property.

We ask that you hand water the sod until it has a chance to establish so we don’t lose the sod.

The board would also like to ask any resident who is aware of a neighbor’s yard that got sod, but are not home so we can try and make special arrangements to take care of the sod.

Thanks for helping to keep our community beautiful.

The Board

Email Sent 2/24/2021 by President Janet Kaplan - Holly and Bottlebrush Trees

We will be resuming the removal of the above between the houses that was started in January. All trees earmarked for removal have an orange streamer affixed to the tree. If you have a tree in the front, you were contacted separately.

If you do not want the marked tree removed, please notify us before March 1. We highly recommend removal as they are either diseased or simply have outlived their life. Almost without exception, they won't be missed. LMP is not replacing any of these trees. We are looking to reduce the plantings between the houses.

Again, unless you notify us to NOT remove, we will proceed.

If you would like one of these type trees removed that is not earmarked with the orange ribbon, let us know and we will add to the list.


Email Sent 1/25/2021 by President Janet Kaplan - Pickleball Court

The final surface and colors are being applied today. Last week, despite our asking for everyone to stay off the court and a notice and caution tape, there were people using the basketball net and skate boarding on the surface.


If you see anyone using the court, please ask them to leave. We have waited so long for a new court, we would hate to have repair damage and keep it closed any longer.

Hopefully, the warning and barrels blocking the entry will not be moved again.



Email Sent 1/14/2021 by President Janet Kaplan - Landscaping Update

Many of you may have noticed we are embarking on a project to clean out dead bushes, and holly trees between the homes. A few years back, the fire department came in and did a survey and recommended that bushes between the houses be cut back to a 4 foot height and a path of a minimum of 4 feet between the bushes be established. This was started but then was put on the shelf while we decided on a new landscape contractor. With the reduced winter mowing schedule, we have resumed this clean up. Many of the Holly trees are diseased with what they call Witches Broom. There is no remedy and it spreads to other healthy Hollies. For that reason, we are removing the diseased Hollies only, not the healthy ones. This is usually homeowner responsibility but we are taking on this project to protect the healthy trees. The Bottlebrush trees in many instances are in sad shape and we are removing them as well. The Association will not be replacing these items as we are way overplanted in the community and are looking to reduce the plantings between the homes.

Winter mowing will take place on an as needed basis. The nights have been usually cool and the grass is not growing.

Mulching in the front yards and common areas will commence as soon as material can be obtained.

Palm tree trimming is underway and while many have been completed, there are many more to be done.

The resurfacing of the pickleball court is well underway. The pavers and pea gravel have been removed and replaced with asphalt. The new fence has been installed and the gate will be installed last. The asphalt needs to harden a week or so more and then the new surface will be applied.

The clubhouse painting is nearly complete and it looks great.

There are several other projects in the works so stay tuned.

The Board

Email Sent 12/1/20 by President Janet Kaplan - Community Update


We hope you had a safe, healthy and Happy Thanksgiving.

What is going on with our lawns you may be asking. Well, the answer is a multi one. First, the reason the lawns are turning brown is two fold. Many areas have Bermuda Grass mixed in with the other grass and that goes dormant in the winter. Not anything we can do about this. It will turn green again in the spring.

Secondly, we have a fungus issue going on compounded by too much rain from ETA combined with irrigation and dew on the lawns. When the lawns are wet with dew in the morning, less irrigation is required. Then the lawns are mowed over the areas with fungus and it spreads the problem. The solution is to treat the entire property for fungus and then allow the lawns to dry out and begin repairing themselves. We have seen this already happening in some areas with the long stretch of dry weather we had after the storm.

Third, is the chinch bugs. The entire property was treated a few weeks ago and it will take time for the grass to grow in. There are many areas, especially by the curbs that are affected the worst.

Lastly, too much fertilizer was applied in certain areas and burned out the lawns. LMP replaced most of these areas but a few remain.

The entire property will be treated in the coming days for both fungus and chinch bugs. A few weeks after that we will reassess the community and the areas beyond repair will be replaced.

We are aware of the ongoing issues with our lawns and are working very hard to find a permanent solution to stop the constant replacement of sod.

The irrigation schedule at each home will be checked over the next two weeks and set in accordance with county regulations. If you adjust your clocks on your own you will be responsible for any fines imposed on your lot. We have received notices from the county and it is a concern.

Weeds have been sprayed throughout the community and other areas will be addressed concerning clean up of dead debris, especially along the walls on Copperwood and Chalet.

The large palm trees will be trimmed this week.

LMP will be pruning on a more regular basis. Right now the homes have all been pruned and are looking good.

The holiday decorations are complete and the Decorators did a great job again this year.

Reminder that 12/1 is the end of the hurricane season and appreciate your removing the shutters in accordance with our Rules and Regulations.

Lastly, we are entering the every other week mowing phase per our contract for the winter. The dates in December are the 9th and 23rd. We would like the lawns to look good for xmas. There will be no mowing this week.

The Board of Directors

Email Sent 9/29/20 by President Janet Kaplan - Mowing

Due to the extremely dry condition of our lawns, the committee decided to forego the usual Wednesday mowing this week. Mowing will resume next week.

The crew will still be on the property for edging and weeding.

Thank you for your understanding

Email Sent 9/4/20 by President Janet Kaplan - Happy Labor Day

Hope this email finds you all healthy and safe wherever you are. Just a few updates :

LMP and the committee have been battling the extremely high temperatures this summer and a major infestation of grubs and chinch bugs. Looks like the bugs are currently winning. We have suspended the sod replacement program for now until the situation is under control. Lawns that have not fared well are being treated and will be replaced in the future as needed. We do not have a definitive date for that replacement but rest assured, it will be addressed. This problem has impacted lawns throughout our area, not just Willowbend, and is not attributable to any action by LMP.

The oak trees in the back of the houses are being trimmed, not shaped or made smaller. Trees will be trimmed to keep a minimum of 6 feet above structures and 3 feet from structures. Trees that currently maintain these clearances are not being trimmed. WIllowbend is overplanted with oaks and that is the hand we have been dealt. Oak trees on common property need a permit from the County to be removed and rarely does the county grant a permit. Only those posing a threat to the home are being trimmed at this time since we have expended our tree trimming budget for the year and we will have to find the funds elsewhere. The trees in the rear of the property were scheduled for 2021 but due to pressure from the homeowners, this has been moved up.

Mowing and pruning:
LMP is making every effort to adhere to the current schedules but rain and heat can cause deviations and or impact finished results. Pruning leaves flowering plants temporarily looking bare. Please understand and have patience, they will come back.

As many of you have already observed, Frontier has dropped FOX Sports from their line-up effective 9/1/2020. Our contract contains clauses that allow them to do this, as it is with all cable companies. The contract we have with them runs through the end of the year 2022. The previous board that negotiated this contract did a fantastic job and we are currently paying around $55 a month per house for BOTH cable and internet. You could never duplicate that on your own, so we have quite the bargain. Many of the stations currently provided by cable can also be streamed to your mobile device or smart TV for very nominal fees per month, making it still a bargain.

For the health and safety of our residents, we are continuing the moratorium on the gym during the pandemic. Due to the size of that facility, it would be extremely difficult to maintain social distancing and a protective environment.

September Board Meeting:
A meeting is scheduled for 9/17 and unfortunately, it will have to be a virtual meeting again since the church is still not allowing outsiders on their property. This is the best way for us to have a meeting and keep social distancing. As it gets closer to the date, you will be provided with the sign on information.

Have a safe and Healthy Labor Day holiday.

The Board of Directors

Email Sent 6/29/20 by President Janet Kaplan - UPDATE


The mulch project is starting this morning. They came two days early hence the short notice. It is being blown in between the houses and the backs. While they are very neat, there could be some overspray. If you leave your lanai open, they will enter and blow off any residue. Project should take about two weeks.

The tear out of the grass for the Phase 2 sod replacement will begin this week as well.

Both contractors will not be here on Wednesday so as to not interfere with the lawn mowing.

Other news; the resurfacing of the pickleball/basketball court has been pushed forward to October. With the extreme heat and employees just now returning to work the delay was expected.

Email Sent 6/16/20 by President Janet Kaplan - BOARD MEETING JUNE 18, 2020

Due to COVID-19, our usual meeting place is closed until at least September. In compliance with social distancing, we have opted to conduct this meeting using the "Go To Meeting" format. Instructions for signing on to the meeting are at the top of the agenda.

As this is an audio only meeting for the board members, please e-mail any questions you may have to prior to the meeting. We will not be addressing individual homeowner issues at this meeting but will be handled in the usual manner by Sentry.

Authority to conduct the meeting in this manner is granted to the Board under our emergency powers that went into effect when the governor declared a state of emergency for Florida.

Email Sent 6/12/20 by President Janet Kaplan - ALLIGATOR MATING SEASON


There have been sightings of the alligators on the move in search of a mate in Willowbend.

Please exercise caution when walking between your home or the back and especially when walking your pets.

This is a natural occurrence during mating season.

Email Sent 6/2/20 by President Janet Kaplan - SOD


The flags in your yard if you have received new sod are there for a reason. It identifies the new sod for the mowers so they skip that lawn to protect the new sod.

Flags at many homes have been removed and now have to be replaced before LMP can mow. Therefore, the mowing will occur on Thursday again this week rather than tomorrow.

A frustrating and time wasting task on the part of LMP. Please do not remove the flags once replaced.

LMP thanks you for your cooperation and consideration.


Email Sent 5/18/20 by President Janet Kaplan - SOD REPLACEMENT PROGRAM


The sod replacement program is well underway with 62+ homes receiving new sod where needed. To reiterate, the Board did not determine who was to get sod but rather was done by the experts after assessing each lawn no less than twice. While mother nature gave us a good boost for watering with the storms this past weekend, it also created very wet conditions for cutting sod. As it is able to be cut and delivered, the replacement will progress.

Many of you have contacted Sentry asking for sod. Additional homes will be assessed upon completion of this phase. The worst homes are being addressed first with no preferential treatment on anyone's part. Cherie has requested that you please not call her but rather e-mail her at She will keep track of all the requests for review once this phase is complete.

Irrigation has been set in accordance with county guidelines for each of these homes. You need not do anything further. Please remember that irrigation occurs at different intervals and it may be running during the night or early morning.

For every home that received sod, your lawn WILL NOT be mowed for the next four weeks. This applies to the common areas as well. Mowing over newly set sod will cause damage. Please be patient, it will be mowed as soon as it has taken root. Due to the holiday, the normal Wednesday mowing will take place Thursday.

For those of you concerned about fertilization and the county deadline of May 31st, fertilizer has been applied and completed ahead of that date.

The detail crew will be working on Saturday to replace time lost with the holiday on Monday.

On another item, the return line from the pool to the filter suffered a serious crack which was discovered recently. Thankfully, the repair was able to be made without draining the pool and all is back in working order.

Everyone stay well and safe and enjoy this great summer weather.

The Board of Directors.

Email Sent 5/18/20 by President Janet Kaplan - UPDATES


A few more updates:

1. A group of young ladies from Rivendell (they admitted it) attempted to gain access to our pool yesterday. Thanks to a very vigilant homeowner who did not fall for the I left my key home excuse, they were told to go home. Please, if anyone asks you to let them into the pool area, tell them to go home and get the fob. The use of the pool is for our residents only and especially during this time, we do not want outsiders using our facilities. If it is a worker needing access, please contact Cherie at Sentry for permission. The Board wishes to keep the pool open for your enjoyment but we may be forced to close again if outsiders are being let in.

2. Exercise Room- the conditions under which we can re-open make it impossible for us to comply. We do not have staff that can monitor safe distancing and crowd control let alone sanitizing the equipment before and after use. Therefore, the exercise room will remain closed until further notice by decision of the Board.

3. Thank you to all the homeowners who are removing yard waste and putting it at the curb. Small amounts of waste need to be placed in paper yard waste bags available at garden centers instead of plastic bags. The recycle center will not take it in those types of bags.

4. PLEASE, put your trash out on collection day in trash cans and not plastic bags placed at the curb. The raccoons and other animals love to tear them apart and spread trash in the street. Appreciate your cooperation.

5. The correct e-mail address for Cherie is Her phone number is 941-361-1222 ext 51007

As stated in the previous e-mail, we wish everyone to remain safe and healthy during this difficult time.

Email Sent 5/15/20 by President Janet Kaplan - UPDATES


Trimming: Yes, LMP has gotten behind in the monthly pruning cycle. COVID-19 caused them to put in place a hiring freeze and they were operating with only one crew. They have lifted the freeze and will be hiring extra help. In the meantime, they have moved a crew from another job and will be working here until they are caught up. The Board and LMP appreciates your cooperation and understanding. Everyone is doing the best they can to cope with the current situation.

Mowing: Weekly mowing has resumed. Edging is being done as follows, per our contract, every week for the hard edges (sidewalks and driveways) and every other week for the mulch beds, front and back.

SOD REPLACEMENT PROJECT: Yes, we are moving forward. By way of background, this project was started last summer with very poor results. The quality of the sod was poor and did not survive so the project was put on hold. In the meantime, Artistree resigned and LMP was hired delaying the project further. Following the advice of the sod contractor and LMP, late Spring, early Summer is the best time to do sod. As such, sod replacement has been scheduled to start the week of May 18th and will continue until completion. LMP and their sod contractor has done a complete inventory of our property twice and we are following their guidelines for what needs to be replaced and what needs to be treated. The lawns needing replacing, full or partial, will be removed and treated before the new sod goes down. LMP will set the irrigation in accordance with the county guidelines for new sod. The Board recognizes this is long overdue and appreciates once again your cooperation and understanding. It is a major undertaking and expense and we want to get the best possible result.

MULCH: We recognize the need to replenish the mulch. Mulch was done late last fall and was done much lighter than in the past. Many homes were overloaded with pine bark mulch and many were sparse. As is usual with mulch, it becomes washed out in rain storms and raked up with the pruning clean up. We are deviating from our usual fall full mulch schedule in recognition of many of your complaints of not getting proper mulching. We are working out the details with LMP for both the pine bark in the front and back of the homes and the cypress mulch between the houses. But rest assured, we are going forward with the project even though this means we subsequently won’t be able to do a full mulch in the fall.

LMP will be trimming the palm fronds that are blocking or overhanging the sidewalks.

Landscaping issues and questions: Just a reminder that individual homeowner requests, complaints, issues, etc. should be directed to for handling and reporting to LMP. Please do not confront or ask the crew for special treatment directly. Not only does this slow down the work, but also deprives Sentry from having a record of the issue for future reference if problems arise or follow up for completion. Please be sure to include your address with your e-mail.

Once these projects are completed we will be reviewing the budget and what has been spent to address any other projects for 2020.

Basketball/Pickleball court: The contractor had to delay the start date of this project but should begin in the next few weeks barring any further delays. We committed to this project prior to COVID-19 and we will be moving forward. The court surface is deteriorating more and more and needs to be done.

The county has completed the repair and replacement of the sidewalks.

The fitness center/gym remains closed until it is deemed advisable to re-open.

The Board and the committees have been working very hard to function the best we can under these unusual circumstances. Thank you for your support and understanding. Stay healthy and stay safe.

Email Sent 5/6/20 by President Janet Kaplan - POOL


Effective tomorrow 5/7/2020, the pool will be re-opened under the following conditions:

1. Use is strictly on an AT YOUR OWN RISK BASIS.
2. Please continue to follow current CDC guidelines with respect to social distancing and crowd size.
3. We are not providing sanitizing materials for any of the surfaces. That will be strictly up to those using the pool, bathrooms and pool area. Again, use at your own risk
4. Galaxy is continuing to monitor the chemicals and clean the pool on the normal schedule. As before, they have requested that when they are there, please vacate the area.
5. The area will continue to be cleaned and please stay at a distance.
In both cases, Galaxy and Jan Pro, if you are asked to leave temporarily, please comply.
6. The hours of operation remain unchanged- 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Please vacate before 10:00 PM as we do get reports when people are in the area after hours.
7. If at any time you do not feel comfortable entering or using the area, use your own best judgement.

The State of Florida is not currently allowing Gyms to be open and as such the fitness room will remain CLOSED until the State has given a date for re-opening. Your fob will not operate the door. We apologize for the inconvenience but will let you know when it is re-opened.

The Board appreciates your cooperation and understanding during this difficult and trying time. It has been very stressful for us trying to balance homeowner requests and State and Local government mandates.

The health, welfare and safety of all our Willowbend friends and neighbors is of utmost importance.

The Board of Directors

May 24, 2019

Thank you to all of you who voted for me at the annual meeting and to my fellow board members electing me President. We have been working very hard in the last few weeks to address many of the issues brought up at the annual meeting.

We have committed to provide better communication to the neighborhood and keeping that commitment, the following is a recap of what has been done and what will be going on in the coming weeks.

The renovation of the common area landscaping was approved at the last board meeting and work will begin at the Luminary Blvd location first, completion of the Habitat planting done a few weeks ago and the common area across from the pool will follow.

We have identified the issue of the dead shrubs in the neighborhood and Artistree will be removing them in the coming weeks. Artistree has agreed to tackle the weeds and grass runners in the mulch beds during their normal pruning cycle for each section of the property. Pine trees at the south entrance that are dead or dying are scheduled to be cut down as well as the trees behind the pool equipment. They drop debris into the equipment causing problems. There are several dead trees in this area being removed as well.

The fitness center renovation is nearly complete. All the lights have been replaced and there is a new paper towel holder and a dispenser for disinfecting wipes. Please be courteous to other users and wipe down the equipment after use. Please drop by and see the improvements. This project was funded by Reserves.

The new Fob system is complete and fully functional. Please note, your Fob will not work between the hours of 10:00PM and 5:00AM, the normal hours the facility is closed.

Work on The Monument/Planter at the South Entrance will commence shortly correcting the drainage issue and new plants will be installed once that work is complete.

A new paver walkway will replace the old one at the Amenities Center and gutters have been added to the center as well as downspouts. The drainage issue in this area has been addressed and corrected.

Future projects this year include the resurfacing of the pool and replacement of the chaise lounges around the pool.

Finally, please note our new contact at Sentry is Cherie Perez. Her e-mail is

We will continue to provide updates as other things are happening.

Janet Kaplan, President

January 26, 2019

An Eblast was sent out by Sentry Mgmt. to all homeowners Jan. 25 that have registered on their CommunityPRO website.

Unless you register and check the box to receive emails, our Sentry Management team cannot legally send out any Eblasts to you. They must have your permission via your registration.

Refer to the Willowbend Home Page under ‘Sentry Management Information’ for links to a tutorial and instructions for registering.

In addition to receiving updates and information on ongoing projects in the community, homeowners can follow/track their concerns and requests through Sentry’s Community Information Center. You will also have viewable access to your profile and account information, Willowbend Assoc. forms, governing documents, minutes, and payment options. All correspondence/actions between Sentry and the homeowner will be viewable on your portal. Exclusive access will be limited by the user ID and confidential password generated by the homeowner at registration.

The Board and our Sentry Mgmt. team are working to improve your access to information and to address your concerns.

Janie McGuire, President
Willowbend HOA

October 4, 2018

Gazebo Meetings: Starting this month the Grounds Committee will now be meeting on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m. at the Recreation Center gazebo. Homeowners are encouraged to submit their requests/concerns at other times through a work order on ArtisTree’s website, through an email to our management company or via the drop boxes for either ArtisTree or Sentry Management at the Recreation Center.

Plant List: The Grounds Committee has developed a new plant list that is tailored to our location, our lot sizes and maintenance. The list begins with an index but it is important to check it by the category which gives a full description of the plant, various comments, and approximate mature size. The Plant List has been posted on the WB and Sentry websites.

Late Fees: The moratorium on late fees ended October 1. Homeowners with past due balances are being notified.

North Wall Repairs: These repairs are scheduled to begin on October 8 and are expected to take about a week to complete.

Janie McGuire, President
Willowbend HOA

July 30, 2018

Rules and Regs Update: We will be emailing and sending out by regular mail the revised Rules and Regulations for homeowners. They will also be on our Willowbend and Sentry websites. The update includes removing references to former management company and rewording/separating out lengthy paragraphs to clarify some areas of the Regs. The two changes are as follows:

  • Roof Cleaning: Each roof shall be cleaned no later than 30 days after the 3-year anniversary of its previous cleaning. An Architectural Change/Landscaping Request (ACR) form for roof cleaning is not needed. However, after the roof has been cleaned, a copy of the vendor’s paid invoice showing that the roof has been cleaned shall be sent to the Property Manager for updating your account to show compliance. See para. 1.3.1 for all information.

  • Failure to Submit an ARC Form for Approval: Due to numerous incidences of work done without prior Committee/Board approval and with guidance from our HOA attorney, the Board will charge a fee of $50.00 per violation to any homeowner conducting any alterations, additions or modifications to the exterior of their residences without submission of the ACR form to the Property Manager for approval of such work prior to commencement of work. See Para’s. 1.0 and 2.3.2.

The Sentry mailbox has been placed in the Rec. Ctr. near the front gate for your convenience for sending correspondence and/or forms to Sentry. (This is NOT for your monthly payments.)

The Board voted to postpone any action to treat the pool stain until after receiving at least two other professional opinions for the necessary proper treatment. Therefore, this process will not be starting the first part of August. As soon as we have all the information necessary for a good decision for treatment, a notice will be posted at the pool showing the schedule. So keep on swimming!

Janie McGuire, President
Willowbend HOA

July 23, 2018

Updates for WB residents...

Rec. Center Area:
Chemicals will be placed in the pool the first part of August to treat the staining that is spreading throughout the walls and floor of the pool. During this process the pool will be closed for 7-10 days. We appreciate your patience while this is being treated. Exact date will be posted as soon as it is scheduled.
The playground equipment has been refurbished, replacing rusted parts with new plates and guard rails. Also, we are looking into replacing the light poles in the basketball and pickle ball court areas to improve the lighting and safety of this area.
Three ceiling fans in the kitchen/gazebo areas will be replaced soon.
The rusting lounges in the pool area have been removed and will be replaced by aluminum lounges.

Common Areas:
Bids were reviewed and a contract awarded for the repair and painting of the North wall damaged by the storm last Fall.
A professional landscape plan is being prepared for the future planning of projects to improve and enhance the overall appearance of our maturing landscape.
At the end of May there was a non-injury accident at our South entrance. All damages have been repaired except for ArtisTree’s placement of plantings in this area of the island.
A contract was awarded for a jet clean and video inspection of a storm drain in the swale to assist in the completion of the water drainage problem in this one area.
A process and form letter has been developed for notifying homeowners of the need to remove dead plants in their yard and whether or not replacements are needed.

The Board does not hold a regular meeting in the month of August. Our next regular meeting will be held September 20, 1:30 p.m. The agenda will be posted on Sentry’s CommunityPro, the WB website and the Rec. Center bulletin board.

Enjoy your remaining days of summer!

Janie McGuire, President
Willowbend HOA

May 23, 2018

Here are some updates for our residents.

Reminder that ACRs are required for landscape and architectural changes:
Please refer to Willowbend’s Regs before starting any projects. We appreciate homeowners wanting to improve their homes, but as this is a deed restricted community, there are Regs to follow to protect the irrigation lines, water restrictions, and the overall look of our community. Remember why we decided to live in Willowbend...a piece of paradise doesn’t just takes all of us working together to keep it that way. And thanks to all of you for your help!

Some actions/discussions at our last Board meeting:
Light pole painting is scheduled to begin June 4.
Sidewalk Repairs are ongoing by the county. You may have noticed the red markings where walks will be leveled.
Bids for repair of the North Wall are being obtained.
A recent waterline break was repaired.
Our Recreation Center Envera security contacts have been updated.
A large tree on common ground was damaged by unauthorized trimming. Currently it is being determined whether or not it will survive or will need to be replaced.
The north entrance to our community is being enhanced with freshening up the appearance of the sign and replacing surrounding landscape.
The status of mulch in our community was discussed regarding using less and perhaps redistributing what’s already on the ground before any more is ordered.
Controlling present and future traffic through our community with signage and trimming back foliage obstructing views is being explored by our Traffic Safety Committee.

Homeowners are encouraged to attend our meetings at 1:30 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month (except Aug. when we do not meet). Agendas are posted on our website and on the Rec. Center bulletin board each month.

May 3, 2018

Thank you for all your positive responses to our previous letter.

A few residents had questions regarding autopay. In case there are more of you with the same concern...know that you will need to change your auto pay information so that payments go to the correct bank.

Payment choices and instructions will be coming in Sentry’s Welcome Letter in June. It cannot be set up until Sentry Management has all financial account data transferred from Lighthouse Property Management. If your June account is on autopay, the Lighthouse ledger will indicate such and you can correct your autopay to start in July after you have received Sentry’s information.

Janie McGuire

April 29, 2018

(The following Eblast is being emailed as well as mailed to all homeowners. We will have updates here and on the Home Page throughout this transition.)

* * *


New Property Management Company for Willowbend


April 30, 2018

To: Willowbend Owners and Residents

This is to inform you that the Willowbend Community Association has given notice to Lighthouse Property Management that their contract for management services for our community will be terminated as of May 31, 2018. We have retained Sentry Management, Inc., 5969 Cattleridge Blvd., Sarasota, FL to begin management services on June 1, 2018, for our community.

We are looking forward to our homeowners being able to follow their concerns and requests through Sentry’s community information center provided through their website. You will have viewable access to your profile and assessment account information, association forms, governing documents, Board agendas/minutes, and payment options. All correspondence/actions between Sentry and the homeowner will be viewable on your portal so you will be able to follow/track progress on your issues. Exclusive access will be limited by the user ID and confidential password generated by the homeowner at registration.

Sentry Management will mail to each homeowner detailed instructions in June along with payment coupons and return envelopes for your use. Late fees for June will not be charged as the transfer between companies is getting in place. Also, account information from our current mgmt. company will be forwarded to Sentry so that they will have your payment history showing current payment dates.

If a homeowner does not have access or wishes not to use computer/email, we will be placing a Sentry Mgmt. Box for service requests (not payments) inside our Recreation Ctr. near the bulletin boards for your use. These will be picked up by Sentry’s Community Manager during their weekly visits and compliance checks.

Go to our site for updates as we move forward in this transition. Also, look through this website for information that is currently there that may be of interest. This site will remain in addition to that of Sentry’s communication center for our use.

Even though we have many of your email addresses for our website, Sentry Mgmt. must receive information directly from you to legally register you in their system. So remember to register when you receive their letter with instructions in June.

Until then everything is as usual through May. We are here to work with you through this transition and into the future to keep our community a welcome haven for all of us.

The Willowbend Community Association Board

April, 2018

Dear Willowbend Residents,

We’re looking forward to working with all of you this coming year!

Traffic Safety Committee: Due to the increased development in our area, the Board has established a Traffic Safety Committee to maintain a quality residential lifestyle, promoting traffic, pedestrian and bicycle safety in our community. This committee is working with other HOAs and homeowners in the area to obtain information and to work as a united front at various meetings of developers, the county commission, etc. Please refer to our Home Page for news on COTS and SAFE.

Willowbend Website: Homeowners/residents are encouraged to refer to this website periodically for updates on upcoming and ongoing community issues. Some issues need hardcopy mailings to homeowners, and this will continue. We want to communicate more with our residents, to encourage your constructive input, and to see you at our monthly meetings. Agendas are posted each month on the website.

Governing Documents: As Willowbend is a deeded Community, homeowners need to possess and be familiar with these documents and to inform renters, when applicable, of such. These documents are 1) Declaration of Protective Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Willowbend Subdivision, 2) Bylaws of Willowbend Community Assoc., Inc., and 3) Rules and Regulations of Willowbend Community Assoc., Inc. (updated October 2017). All of these are located on the website under Legal Documents.

Architectural/Landscaping Change Request: If you are considering changes to your landscape or any changes to the exterior of your home/lanai, submit an ARC form and obtain approval prior to initiating work. This form is on our website under Online Forms.

This is a wonderful community filled with wonderful residents. This Board and our committees are working hard to not only maintain what we currently enjoy but to make it even better.

Janie McGuire, President
Willowbend HOA

September, 2016

1. A tribute to George “ Dutch” Leonard

It's been three months since Dutch retired and I felt it was high time to offer some thoughts and a tribute to this fine and unselfish person.

Dutch and Jacque built their home in Willowbend in 2004 and since their arrival have both become fixtures in the Willowbend community.

Dutch, being the type of person he is, immediately volunteered to be on the Grounds and Lakes committee eventually becoming chair of the committee and then went on to be elected to the Board and subsequently became President.

Dutch treated the community like it was his own back yard and a place where everyone took pride in living here. He was out there every day and night making sure that our community maintained a high standard of excellence.

Dutch is an outgoing, gregarious people person and loved working with all of our residents. We have 275 homes so naturally we have at least 275 different opinions. One might not agree with everything he did or say but you always knew it came from his heart and desire to see the community served as best as possible. He always put the community first in his thinking and actions.

No finer gentleman could we find who unselfishly gave his all so that we would reap the benefits of living in this great community.

Dutch we will miss you but you will never be out of our hearts, thoughts and prayers.

2. Island Reconstruction

The first impression one receives as they enter our community are the islands. For sometime now, your Board has felt that these islands ( north and south ), needed a makeover.

A committee was formed ( Jill Schwartz, Ken Lindberg and Gene Coghlan ), to study these areas and come up with a plan for reconstruction. Jill, Ken & Gene spent many hours on this including sending multiple soil samples to the University of Florida for analysis, so we could better understand what types of plants would be acceptable and thrive. In addition, Jill met with the head horticulturist at the university extension office on three different occasions to get their input into how to approach and deal with this project.

On behalf of the committee Jill presented their plan to the Board and after extensive review, it was approved. This was a yeoman’s effort on behalf of the committee and I on behalf of the Board would like to thank them and in particular Jill Schwartz for all their hard work.

Revitalization and construction should begin shortly.

Ken Asakura
President, Willowbend HOA

September, 2016

A Letter from Dutch Leonard

Dear Willowbend Neighbors,

Just a brief message to thank you all for allowing me to serve you and the community during the past 12 years. It was a labor of love with much support and understanding from the community. However, It has become evident that it is time for me to hang up my "Mayor of Willowbend hat" and put on my "retired resident of Willowbend hat". I remain indebted to all of the people who have served on the numerous committees and Boards throughout my tenure and in all the positive changes we were able to achieve within our community. As stated above, I have reached that point in time where I need to relax more and dedicate a little more time to myself and to my wife Jacque and, yes selfishly, a little less to the community. As always, any concerns/question you may have need to be submitted to Lighthouse Property Management and they will make sure that the appropriate people respond back to you in a timely manner. Clearly, I will no longer be in a position to respond to any residents questions effective Oct 1st,2016 therefore, with all due respect, please refrain from contacting me on Willowbend issues unless, of course, it is to go out for dinner or play a round of golf! I look forward to my new "retired" lifestyle and look forward to seeing you all around the "Bend".

Dutch Leonard

December 2015

Notice to Willowbend Residents

One again we are experiencing homes in Willowbend and the surrounding areas being visited by "The Traveler's".

This is a group of people who wander through neighborhoods, may ring your bell, and if you are at home and answer may ask if the house is for sale or some such meaningless question. They are scouting for their next target. This is occurring not just in Willowbend but throughout the area in both gated and non gated communities.

I am asking all residents to remain vigilant. This includes not leaving your garage door open for long periods of time, setting your alarm system when you are away from your home and being aware of your general surroundings.

Please contact the local police non emergency help line should you witness suspicious activity.

On a different note, as we close yet another highly eventful year in Willowbend, please allow both myself, my wife Jacque and the members of the Board the opportunity to offer all our residents our best wishes for the happiest of Holidays and a happy and healthy New Year.

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the community and we look forward to continuing our service to all as we enter 2016.

Seasons Blessings , Willowbend

President of the Board
Dutch Leonard

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