Zoom Meeting – Proposed Oil Change Facility


The above link will take you to the County website with information on the Zoom meeting to be held next Wednesday, March 6th at 6:00 p.m.  When you get to that page there is another link to click that will take you directly to the Zoom meeting.  Hopefully this makes sense to you.  If you have the Zoom app loaded on your computer, tablet or phone you can also just use the meeting ID and the password which are included in the notice letter that I sent earlier.

Once again, it is very important that we have as many homeowners as possible sign in for this meeting voicing our strong opposition to this proposal.  Our attorney, Brett Paben, will be on the call as well to take the lead representing our HOA.

Please mark your calendars and talk to your neighbors.  Encourage everyone to attend this call!

Stephen Meuler

President Willowbend HOA

Urgent Notice Regarding Oil Change Facility

Well, after all this time, the proposal to build an oil change facility at our Habitat entrance has resurfaced.  See the attached notice.  It appears that they are starting the process over from last year.   A Zoom “neighborhood workshop” has been scheduled for next Wednesday, March 6th at 6:00 p.m.   Again, this appears to be the same start of the process that they did last March and is the first step before an actual public hearing is scheduled and the County commissioners vote on this issue.

As we did last year, we need to have a good turnout of our residents on this call showing our strong opposition to this proposal.  The meeting ID and the Passcode to join the meeting are included in the attached notice.  If you are unfamiliar with how to participate in a Zoom meeting please talk to a neighbor who can assist you.  We need as many of you as possible to join this call next Wednesday!

I just found out this afternoon that we are also at a disadvantage regarding legal representation for this issue.  The attorney who was handling this for us is no longer at the law firm that we use.  We are working to quickly obtain legal representation and bring them up to speed on the issue. 

I realize this is very short notice.  Please mark your calendars now and make plans to participate in the call.  Thanks for your support.

Stephen Meuler
Willowbend HOA President

Update from Stephen Meuler

This email is to provide an update on a few important issues for the community.


Our website is still not operational but progress is being made.  We ask that you continue to refrain from attempting to access the site while we are working to restore the information.  Special thanks to Barb Males, Marsh Hestenes and Frank Snow who are working on this project.  It is possible that some information has been lost and we may need homeowners to resubmit contact information for the website directory.  You will be advised if this becomes necessary.

Annual Meeting

As previously announced, our Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday March 21st at 5:30 p.m. at the Hotel Venezia on the bypass in Venice.  Very shortly you will be receiving a mailing from Sentry with information for the meeting.  In addition to information for our election of Board members, there will also be a copy of the proposed restated governing documents for our Association.  Please do not disregard this mailing. I URGE you to read all of the information carefully and if you will not be attending the annual meeting please complete the Proxy form (included in the mailing) and return it to Sentry.  It is important that we get a response from at least 2/3 of our homeowners.  PLEASE give this your attention when you receive the mailing.  

Landscaping Information

LMP is scheduled to apply a treatment for grubs on all the lawns in the community in the next few days.  Dylox, the chemical being used, is reported to be safe for children and pets.  After this treatment, the shrub beds and lawns are also scheduled to be sprayed for weeds.   The lawns were fertilized earlier this month.  The shrubs are also scheduled to be fertilized with a liquid fertilizer within the next 10 days.

In the month of March LMP will be applying a preventative for chinch bugs to all turf areas.

As you can see, caring for the lawns in the community not only requires a lot of water but an extensive use of chemicals.  I would urge homeowners who are considering any landscaping projects to think about minimizing the use of sod in favor of shrubs or other ground covers.

Please mark your calendars for the Annual Meeting on March 21st.  Everyone is encouraged to attend.  If you are unable to attend please remember to return your proxy form!  Many thanks!

Stephen Meuler

President, Willowbend HOA

Board Meeting Agenda / Website update

The next meeting of the Willowbend HOA Board will be this Thursday, February 15th at 1:30 p.m. at Our Savior Lutheran Church.  A copy of the agenda is attached.  This is our last Board meeting before the Homeowners’ Annual Meeting which will be held on Thursday March 21st at 5:30 p.m.  You will be receiving details by mail shortly.  As always, all Homeowners are invited and encouraged to attend.  

Our Willowbend website is still not operational.  This has become much more involved than we originally thought and it is possible that we may not get the site operational again and will have to create an entirely new site.   We will be discussing the status and options at the Board meeting this week.

Enjoy your Sunday with this beautiful weather today!  Please mark your calendars now for the Annual Meeting on March 21st.  

Stephen Meuler
President, Willowbend HOA

Board Meeting 9/6/2023

Email Sent 9/2/23
The next meeting of the Willowbend Board of Directors will be held this coming Wednesday, September 6th at 5:30 p.m. at Our Savior Lutheran Church on US 41. This is an evening meeting (as opposed to our normal start time of 1:30 pm) in order to allow homeowners who are unavailable during the day an opportunity to participate.  All homeowners are invited to attend.  A copy of the Agenda is attached.

A reminder – trash collection will be delayed this coming week due to the Labor Day holiday.  Trash collection in our community will be on Friday.  Please do not move trash containers to the curb before Thursday evening.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!
Stephen Meuler
President, Willowbend HOA

Board Meeting Agenda

Hurricane Prep

Good morning Willowbend,

With the hurricane heading our way I wanted to send out a prep guide and local government link for hurricane preparedness.  We have a lot of new residents, some of whom may also be new to hurricanes.  Please lend a hand and share your knowledge if needed.

Hurricane Preparedness | Sarasota County, FL (scgov.net)

On another note, you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t sent out a newsletter in a few months.  You may recall the reason I started it to begin with was my frustration with the lack of information coming from the board to the residents.  Well, Stephen has done such a wonderful job of keeping all of us informed my newsletter became mostly filler. 

I’m now looking for information I can send out that may be helpful to residents.  If you have ideas please let me know!

Stay safe during this storm and take care of each other!

Willowbend Board Secretary

Disaster Supply Kit Checklist

Preparing for Storm

Email Sent 8/28/23
The coming storm is now projected to be much stronger.  While the projected path is for the storm to hit north of our area, this is much the same path that was forecast last year, and we all know how that turned out!

Out of an abundance of caution, we will be closing the gym as of this afternoon.  We will be moving furniture from the pool area into the gym and into the restrooms in order to secure it.  For now, you are free to use the pool but you will not have access to the restrooms and you will not have chairs and tables around the pool.

We need to move this furniture this afternoon so that we are not trying to do it later when it is pouring rain!

LMP will be mowing front lawns tomorrow where needed as they will likely be unable to mow on Wednesday.  They will also be working to remove any loose debris from the property.  Please do NOT do any trimming around your property and do NOT move debris to the curb for the next few days.  Nothing should be placed at the curb for any type of disposal – other than normal trash receptacles on Thursday if Waste Management is able to keep running.

The restrictive covenants of Willowbend prohibit overnight parking on the street by homeowners, tenants or their guests.  This is especially important when a storm is approaching.  We do not want the streets blocked with cars if we are in need of cleanup from fallen trees and other debris.

Once again, a reminder to secure small items around your home that could become flying projectiles.

Thanks for your cooperation.   I hope that we just get a nice soaking rain and that all of this preparation was for nothing!!

Stephen Meuler
President, Willowbend HOA