Willowbend Committees and Mission   

Committee members, chairpersons and Board liaisons will be identified shortly by the new Board.

As prescribed in the Bylaws of the Association*, the Willowbend Board of Directors has created a committee structure to meet specific community needs and assist the Board in researching data needed for informed decision making. Residents are encouraged to become involved in the committee structure of the community. The various committees offer an opportunity to meet other residents, work on projects that are pertinent to a cohesive community and share one’s unique perspectives. Committee members gather to study issues related to maintaining Willowbend’s lovely grounds and lakes, architectural requests, use and upkeep of the recreational facility, disaster and emergency preparedness, resident understanding and compliance with community rules and regulations, and other ad hoc needs as they arise. If you have ideas about additional committees that would add value to the community, please share your thoughts with the Board of Directors. Contact committee chairs for information regarding meetings and membership.
*bylaws article 6.06

1 – Grounds, Lakes, and Architectural Review Committee

Mission: To provide advisory support to the Board regarding landscaping, lakes management, irrigation, infrastructure, and architectural integrity. This is a committee with broad community involvement. Members work with LMP and Sentry Management to assure that private and common areas in Willowbend are consistently well maintained, attractive, and environmentally sensitive. In addition, the committee manages the eight lakes on the Willowbend property. The goal is to encourage a proliferation of wild birds, fish and Florida plant life for the pleasure of residents, while adhering to the Sarasota County regulations related to preservation of wildlife, lakes, and irrigation resources.The second objective of the GL& ARC Committee is to safeguard the discrete and distinctive structural features of the Willowbend community. Within its authority the committee monitors exterior modifications and general appearance of homes, using a rapid approval process to approve certain specified changes or making recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding homeowner change applications.

Committee Co-Chairpersons:   Debbie Metsky, Debbie Tinney
Members:  Alberta Alese, Tom Wichowski
Chief Consultant Emeritus: Dutch Leonard
Board Liaison:  Tina Wetter

2 – Recreation Committee

Mission: Advise the Board regarding policies governing use of the recreational facility and maintenance requirements to assure a safe and pleasing recreational environment. The pool, fitness center, basketball court, and children’s playground are attractive features of the Willowbend community. Members of the Recreation Committee monitor the condition of equipment and furnishings as well as the general use and upkeep of the areas. When repairs or replacements are needed, the committee researches product quality and price to make an informed recommendation to the Board. They also assure that contracted pool technicians are keeping the swimming pool in pristine condition. A Willowbend resident may reserve the pool and cooking area. Committee members are responsible for informing the resident of the rules for facility use and following up to assure that everything is left in proper condition.

Committee Chairperson: John Bobianski
Members: Vin Denicolas and Rich Wasko
Board Liaison: Joe Trentacoste

3 – Web Site Committee

Mission: To make information available to the community, including neighborhood news, and services recommendations from neighbors; and in a secured portion of the site, a resident’s directory and Board and committee meeting minutes. Committee members are the conduits for submitting information to the Web Master. The source of information may be individual residents, Willowbend committees, the Board of Directors, Sentry Management, or public agencies with data pertinent to the community.

Committee Chairperson: Barbara Males
Member: Jay Berkowitz
Board Liaison:  Stephen Meuler

4 – Compliance Committee

Mission: Under the auspices of the Board of Directors, an ad hoc committee* is convened when a resident repeatedly fails to comply with community rules, as stated in the Declaration, Articles, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations of the Willowbend Homeowners Association, Inc. The committee is tasked with hearing all evidence and testimony, determining the validity of the complaint, and making recommendations to the Board including fines if appropriate. Confidentiality is respected in this process.
*bylaws article 6.025 – Community Welcome Committee:Mission: To personally visit and welcome new residents to our neighborhood. A welcome packet of Willowbend information, maps, etc. is given to the new homeowners to help their transition to the community and the surrounding area.

Committee Chairperson: Roseann Santiago (BigMamaRosie58@gmail.com or 941-918-9843)
Member: Barbara Wichowski (barwich29@msn.com or 973-202-2786)
Board Liaison: Paul McLane 

6 – Social Committee

Mission: To provide activities for the enjoyment of the membership in a social setting. Volunteers from the residents will organize and staff these activities.For questions, reservations or correspondence, contact Joyce Cekander at joycekander@yahoo.com

Committee Co-Chairpersons: Joyce Cekander and Roseann Santiago
Board Liaison: John Santiago

Please download and fill-out the committee volunteer form if you are interested in volunteering to serve on a committee