Good morning Willowbend,

With the hurricane heading our way I wanted to send out a prep guide and local government link for hurricane preparedness.  We have a lot of new residents, some of whom may also be new to hurricanes.  Please lend a hand and share your knowledge if needed.

Hurricane Preparedness | Sarasota County, FL (

On another note, you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t sent out a newsletter in a few months.  You may recall the reason I started it to begin with was my frustration with the lack of information coming from the board to the residents.  Well, Stephen has done such a wonderful job of keeping all of us informed my newsletter became mostly filler. 

I’m now looking for information I can send out that may be helpful to residents.  If you have ideas please let me know!

Stay safe during this storm and take care of each other!

Willowbend Board Secretary

Disaster Supply Kit Checklist