Email Sent 8/28/23
The coming storm is now projected to be much stronger.  While the projected path is for the storm to hit north of our area, this is much the same path that was forecast last year, and we all know how that turned out!

Out of an abundance of caution, we will be closing the gym as of this afternoon.  We will be moving furniture from the pool area into the gym and into the restrooms in order to secure it.  For now, you are free to use the pool but you will not have access to the restrooms and you will not have chairs and tables around the pool.

We need to move this furniture this afternoon so that we are not trying to do it later when it is pouring rain!

LMP will be mowing front lawns tomorrow where needed as they will likely be unable to mow on Wednesday.  They will also be working to remove any loose debris from the property.  Please do NOT do any trimming around your property and do NOT move debris to the curb for the next few days.  Nothing should be placed at the curb for any type of disposal – other than normal trash receptacles on Thursday if Waste Management is able to keep running.

The restrictive covenants of Willowbend prohibit overnight parking on the street by homeowners, tenants or their guests.  This is especially important when a storm is approaching.  We do not want the streets blocked with cars if we are in need of cleanup from fallen trees and other debris.

Once again, a reminder to secure small items around your home that could become flying projectiles.

Thanks for your cooperation.   I hope that we just get a nice soaking rain and that all of this preparation was for nothing!!

Stephen Meuler
President, Willowbend HOA