Good morning, 

After the recent Annual Meeting I thought it important to recap our top priorities for the Willowbend Community:

1. Top priority is dealing with the take 5 oil change project. This will involve heavy resident participation, strong legal arguments and money (cost to be determined)

2. Getting the new board settled in and having new members take the training that is required to be a board member, not sure this gets addressed on the form that they filled out.

3. Website must be up and running for all in the community. The help we have received to date is great (a big thanks to Barbara Males and Frank Snow) who are helping to get this fixed. We have money if more professional help is needed – lets figure out where to get it (cost to be determined).

4. Committee structure and status  – what are the current committees, how are they staffed and are they adequate to address the needs of the community.

5. Our next attempt at getting HOA document rewrite approved by two thirds of the residents.This effort clearly needs to be done and I believe to do this we need to provide a clear plain english rewrite and then schedule an all residents meeting with the attorney that did this work to be in attendance to answer all questions and concerns.

6. Being able to communicate with all the residents is essential which goes back to how neighbor helping neighbor is critical for success. Good contact info for all the residents is therefore extremely important – phone, email, correct mailing address etc. Sentry recently sent out an update form, if you haven’t already inputted current information you can do so on the website at: and complete the Directory Information form.

Here is a listing of the new BOD for Willowbend:

President: Frank P. Pugliese –

Vice President: Tina Wetter –

Treasurer: Janet Kaplan –

Secretary: John Bobianski 

At Large: John Jakubiak

The new Board will continue to work with the Community for the best future of Willowbend.


Frank Pugliese